Monday, June 21


When I started sewing I never thought I would be creating such fun, beautiful things.  I always looked at fabric because it was so pretty, but never felt that I would ever be able to create anything more than a mess with it.

Seven years ago I attempted to make throw pillows for our living room.  I knew nothing about sewing except the very basics of thread, needle, fabric.  I bought some really cheap polyester stretch material because it was soft and the right color.  It was such a pain to work with!  I never got them done.  Then I wanted to cover new cushions for a chair I inherited from my grandfather.  I spent a lot of time picking just the right fabric and figured that I could sew a "cube" without a pattern.  I ended up with a mess, one cushion is mostly handstitched and the other is missing the back.  Yeah.  Not so hot.  I also did it without the right size needled or strong enough thread so it was a long hard sew with a machine that was tempermental to begin with. From that point on the only thing I did with fabric was done with a hotglue gun and wood for valences.

Fast forward 7 years and now I have a baby.  I'm a bit more patient and would love to make her things, or decorations, or something because baby crap is expensive and there's lots of cute baby fabric.  I got a sewing machine the Chistmas after Madelyn turned 1 and pulled it out and promptly hemmed 6 pairs of cotton knit pants cause my baby had a fat booty and short legs.  Sewing machine went back in the box for almost another year.

In January I pulled my machine back out and started sewing with Denise.  I made a flutter sleeve dress for Madelyn.  6 months later I am contributing items I have made and created to a boutique in NC and opening a store with my dear friend so that people can buy the stuff I make with pretty fabric.

The first flutter sleeve dress  I made
It's amazing.


  1. This is so cute! Do you have little sizes? I need a 3-6 months dress for homecoming!