Thursday, June 17


Welcome to FOUR RIBBONS!

We are so excited you are joining us! Please, come on in, look around and have a glass of champagne. Before we get into introductions, let us show you around. Over there on the left is all about us, our facebook page (you should become a fan if you aren’t already!), followers, and a link to the store. We hope to do some adding on to that side with buttons for all of our friends.

It was a dark and stormy night in southern California. Oh wait. That’s a different story. The story of Four Ribbons begins on a typical sunny day here in SoCal when Denise and I were just totally minding our own business, neglecting our ThreeGs craft blog (but still sewing and creating, just not blogging it) and we got a phone call from our friend Amber telling us that she had a friend opening a boutique. Several conversations, lots of excitement, and creative ideas later…Four Ribbons was born.

The name Four Ribbons comes from the fact that we have 4 girls between the 2 of us (Denise 3, Katrina 1) and Ribbons is a play on our last names combined.

Our vision for Four Ribbons is to share our love of fun, playful, beautiful things with the world! You think we are kidding. We are not. There are only so many flutter sleeve shirts our girls can wear, so many bibbed dresses they can outgrow, so many places we can stick pretty blocks, and so many purses we can carry. Not to mention, our addiction to pretty fabric and paper costs money, so if we can share with you and make a little money doing it, our husbands are less likely to groan at the site of shopping bags full of beautiful stuff.

The things listed in our etsy shop are things we have made to date. We love to create, so if you have a special request for a color combination, sizing, or something you’ve seen and want recreated, please email us for pricing and availability.


  1. I am super excited for the both of you!!!!! I can't wait to check out Amy's store for your creations!

  2. yayyy! ladies :) i'm going shopping!