Saturday, January 7

Finding Pinterest...

THANKS Katrina...
So a few months ago Katrina texted me and told me I really needed to get a pinterest account so we could share all the things that we love, food, sewing, food, crafting, knitting, home projects, more food and perhaps more crafting and sewing.  Do you like how long that sentence was?  I am sure it's not punctuated correctly but, I don't care.  I took the plunge and requested a pinterest account and oh my, i didn't know how much time I could truly waste.  Pinterest is definitely sparking some lost creative juices and now Katrina wants us to get back into Four Ribbons... I am sure one of us or the both of us will have to write about where Four Ribbons went but, in due time.  So be on the look out for future posts.  We both have a lot of things we are working on and would love to share them with you.

Love ya,
Denise :)

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