Friday, January 13

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Denise's Recipe - Clean Eating White Chicken Chili

Hello all... I am back on the healthy eating kick, my own mixture of Clean Eating and a Low Glycemic Index Diet... It works the best for my body.
Beans are one of my main sources for carbohydrates.  It is also very convenient for me to have a pot of soup or two on hand for a quick and easy lunch or snack.   I have never made a white chili so I thought I would try to create a recipe from scratch...

Here we go:
beans after the overnight soak
They are plump and ready to use

sauteed onions adding garlic
after an hour on low heat
White Bean Chicken Chili
1 bag of dry navy beans.. I did the overnight soak, the quick soak works well. You could use two cans drained
2 C. of chicken, cut up to your liking, I ran mine thr0ugh my mini chopper to get a super small shred (was being LAZY)
1 lg onion - medium chopped
1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbs unsalted butter
1 Tbs garlic
2 Tbs almond meal - probably don't need this but I wanted to try seeing if it would thicken up the broth
1 Tbs cumin
1/2 Tbs oregano
1/2 Tbs of chili powder
1/2 C chopped cilantro

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